Chloe and Stu's Kids Homes

Sue and I marvel at these two who we proudly call friends. Stu and Chloe lead Catch the Fire, London and also parent and impart the Father's love to 54 children in Kenya. They run the project ‘Give Feet A Fighting Chance’ which eradicates Jiggers, a crippling disease caused by a sand flea from Western Kenya. I have never known anyone to demonstrate the Father's love like these two, whether from a pulpit or in a kids home.

John and Sarah's Orphanage

John and Sarah have dedicated their lives to Southern Asia, and it has come at a great price. Their ministry is to create "family style" children's homes, they themselves already having adopted two children. Additionally, they encourage local church leaders in creating a culture of revival. Their lives are a beacon of love and hope to everyone who meets them.

Erica Greve

The ministry of rescuing children from sex slavery has gained much momentum recently, and so it should. However, the rescue of these children is but one aspect of the solution. Developing excellent restorative care is vital for these victims to reintegrate into a healthy life. Erica is a qualified social worker with a passion to develop excellent restorative care and I know no one better prepared for developing this incredible ministry.

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