To Serve and be Served

I trained as a psychiatric and general nurse at the London Hospital, Whitechapel. Nursing is my "first love", providing me the opportunity to meet and care for people, often at the toughest moments in their lives. The privilege of caring gave me a foundation that I hope I will never forget.

Prison Service

Reaching the Forgotten

It amazes me how the dark walls of prison equipped me for my ministry and taught me the true meaning of justice— the restoration of relationships. Prison walls contain the worst that man has managed to become, as well as the greatest stories of repentance and restoration.


The Nucleus of Life

Nothing compares to the joy of family. My wife, two sons, daughter-in-law, and two grandsons are my favorite companions, my greatest encouragers, and my constant source of joy. It must never be cliché for family to be the foundation and model for all other relationships in life.


The Glory of Food

My love of cooking began at age 8 while watching Graham Kerr, the galloping gourmet. His was my first cookery book. This passion is matched by my love of cameras. My father gave me my first SLR just a week before he died and I have been "writing with light" ever since.

Faith Journey

The Narrow Way

I became a believer on February 28th, 1973, the day my father died. In 2001, my family and I took our big step of faith, reduced our lives to suitcases, and came to America. From Staines Congregational Church, England to Bethel Church, Redding, life really is a journey from glory to glory.

Present Career

A Dream Come True

He gets you ready and He wastes nothing. I was given a prophecy that I would pastor pastors and lead leaders. As unqualified as I felt when that word was given, He got me ready and He wastes nothing. To have the opportunity to travel, preach, teach, and encourage surpasses my wildest dreams.

Life Messages

What My Life Says

What is beautiful to you? God places the awareness of beauty in our hearts and puts it there for us to discover, and then pursue that beauty to bring Glory to His name. Discovering what is beautiful to you could be your greatest invitation yet.


World View

A Different Angle

The world is a marriage between the supernatural and the natural, the secular and the sacred, a divine God and a glorified manhood. If we could grasp the power of these unions, then all of the promises of God are truly “Yes” and “Amen.”


Abba, Father

Even the Son of God transitioned from offspring to bearer of the family name. Our invitation is the same: to receive the spirit of adoption and become glorious sons and daughters of the King. Our loving Dad offers us authority, identity, and sonship.

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