Apostolic Strategic Planning Toolkit

This toolkit, primarily designed for church and ministry leaders, is a guided process of developing a strategic plan for your organization. This insightful toolkit emphasizes the apostolic while unpacking the need for marrying the supernatural with the strategic, both in church and the marketplace.


Mastering Kingdom Administration

Learn to lead, manage, and organize with practical teaching packed full of insightful kingdom principles. Suitable for leaders, managers, and administrators, this toolkit has four ebooks, four workbooks, 52 podcasts and 12 sermons all around the themes of management, leadership and administration.


The Apostolic Files

All believers are apostolic, but we need to understand that before we can act it. This series of messages define the apostolic so all believers will understand the nature of their calling to bring heaven to earth.

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Paul Manwaring's books are available through Amazon.comand also through the Bethel online bookstore.